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What is Gai by Darren Chin?

I have always had an affinity with Thailand especially Chiangmai with its culture, the warmth of Thai people, and especially lanna Thai food. I have fond memories of walking through the Chiangmai morning wet markets. You get to feel first hand fresh mountainous vegetables indigenous to the hilly tribes of Chiangmai. Lanna cuisine is about Seasonality, Freshness, Herbaceousness with a tinge of bitterness and finished with all things sticky rice.

As a chef it is always inspiring to touch, feel and smell ingredients, when you are so close to the source. It is fulfilling to imagine the endless possibilities of a cuisine which revels in freedom. A freedom that expresses myself to my guests.

When Mama Nuanta and Papa Suwit decided to live in Malaysia, I thought to myself, we must bring Chiangmai back home.

Gai by Darren Chin is that interpretation of Thai cuisine woven through lanna and isaan heritage. You can expect our signature staples: khao soi, grilled isaan style free range chicken with tamarind chilli sauce, grilled eggplant dip with sticky rice, a Burmese influenced sweetish curry-Gaeng Hang Lay. And our most recent coconut Crab curry with wild pepper leaves. As well as NuantaвЂпїЅs crispy chicken skins, and Chiangmai style fried chicken.
Also of late we managed to source incredible ingredients from Thailand: a top quality ready- to- eat crab meat and an amazing fresh wild flower honeycomb gathered from the flower gardens of MaeRim.

With such exciting promise and by the seasoned hands of Mama Nuanta and Papa Suwit, be rest assured you will leave your tastebuds utterly satisfied.

Darren Chin

Who are Mama Nuanta and Papa Suwit?

Our story.

Both were born and raised in Mae Ai district in Chiangmai, Thailand.
They started off from humble beginnings from a push cart selling som tum and grilled chicken.
Mama Nuanta's Thai culinary experience spans decades long, specialising in traditional northern Thai fare-lanna and north eastern isaan. Her culinary prowess is about retaining the originality of lanna and isaan heritage, reminiscent of the mountainous jungle region of hilly Mae Ai.

Her cuisine is homely and comforting yet packed with flavour and finesse.
To match, Papa Suwit is an isaan grill master, as he lightly marinates meats, or whole fish wrapped in tumeric leaves and salt. He carefully grills them over soft coals bringing out the natural flavour. These are paired with its respective dipping sauces livening up any bbq enthusiast.
Both make a great pair contributing to the dishes at Gai by Darren Chin.


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